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Nov 29, 2017

SoundTouch - best way to stream across the network?

Hi guys,


Have been using my speakers quite happily for some time now - with one somewhat annoying issue. The media for my music is continually caching to my C: drive andfilling my SSD. I believe this is a known issue which doesn't have much of a solution at this point in time.


So as a work-around, I decided to copy my music library across to my media PC in the lounge, and share the music from there. Not having a huge amount of luck doing this at this stage. Initially tried with Plex, but that hasn't worked well, as I need to select a song at a time to play. Can't get to a playlist, so it's effectively useless (and having read other threads in the forums, this is due to the fact SoundTouch is not fully DLNA compliant - really gotta wonder why that is, for a product at this level of the market, but that's beside the point).


So I went into Windows Media Player on the media PC, set up the libraries, set up a playlist with all the music in it, and then shared it and allowed streaming from that machine. Am unable to connect to it. I can browse to my music fine via network shares, so the network/connectivity side of things is fine (especially considering I did all my setup/config of my libraries via VNC).


So - my question is... is anyone else streaming their music library across their network from anything other than a dedicated NAS? And if so - any suggestions on how to go about doing it?


I just want to be able to point my speaker(s) at a single playlist, and have it/them sitting there churning out music until I tell them to stop. Is it really that much to ask??