Soundbar 300 subwoofer bass issues

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Soundbar 300 subwoofer bass issues

Quick question guys before I possibly purchase.
Have the issues relating to the lack of bass from the 300 subwoofer been addressed yet.
Reading previous feedback from the forum the threads stop in 2017.

Re: Soundbar 300 subwoofer bass issues

Hello Team vaseline! Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community.


I can confirm that any issues relating to bass from the Acoustimass 300 bass module were resolved last year via firmware update. For reference you may find that we have bass modules on the market labeled "Acoustimass 300" and "Bass Module 700". These are identical in design and are fully compatible with either the SoundTouch 300 or the Soundbar 500 and 700. You're good to go!


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Greg - Community Support