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May 20, 2020

Soundbar 500 won't connect to tv

I'm trying to connect my Soundbar 500 to new Panasonic OLED smart tv via HDMI ARC.

From what I've read, it should be as simple as connecting the tv and soundbar with the HDMI cable the the respective ARC port, and it should work. But it doesn't.

I have checked the tv menu for sound settings and there is no option to select external speakers, home theatre or cinema etc. 

Is there anything I should be doing on the Bose side? I'm in Australia.

I am also in discussion with Panasonic to check issues on their side.


Re: Soundbar 500 won't connect to tv

Hey @mikel02,


Sorry to hear you've had some trouble setting up your Soundbar 500!


It should be as simple as connecting to the HDMI(ARC) port on your TV, then adjusting your speaker settings. So I'm able to look into this further, would you be able to let me know the model number of your Panasonic TV?


Have you heard anything from Panasonic yet, signaling any compatibility issues or something similar?

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