Soundlink Revolve Plus volume control

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Soundlink Revolve Plus volume control

I have the following issue regarding the volume control on the Revolve Plus when connecting to my Windows 10 Dell Laptop or the Taos bluetooth adapters.  Volume controls do not work, however, when I connect the Revolve Plus to my Apple ipod, they work.  This is a departure from how my Soundlink Mini II and Soundlink SLL III work where the volume controls work regardless to what device they are connected to.  

The Revolve Plus has been set to factory standards, and, the latest firmware of 1.5.0 has been applied, but, no change in behaviour.


Re: Soundlink Revolve Plus volume control

Hello Kkripke,


Thank you for reaching out to the community. We're sorry for the trouble you're experiencing. If the Bluetooth on your device does not support AVCRP ( Audio Video Remote Control Profile), the volume from the Revolve speaker will be at a fixed level and can not be adjusted. The Revolve requires that the Bluetooth source device supports this protocol to function properly. 


If you have any other questions, please let us know. 



Thanks again,



Mohsin - Bose Support