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Dec 13, 2015

Soundtouch 10 - WIFI switched off, Bluetooth LED will light up

I have a new Soundtouch 10 and noticed the following behaviour:
- I am switching the WIFI off over night as this will save some 3W of power
- After a while, the unit will light up the Bluetooth LED (constant blue light)
- It will not be possible to switch WIFI back on using the key combination "3" and "Volume Down"
Some key press will cause the units LED to light up left to right and hitting the power key will apparently cause the unit to boot up (?).

I am wondering if somebody can provide some insight on what's going on here? Is the Soundtouch designed to enter some deep sleep mode or switching itself off after a while?
I can toggle the WIFI using the key combination just fine, but if WIFI remains off for a longer time I can no longer switch it back on using the key combination. 
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Sep 11, 2014

Re: Soundtouch 10 - WIFI switched off, Bluetooth LED will light up

Hi Bernie_AT,

The specific symptoms you describe may be normal behavior from the speaker. We will elaborate a bit more on what you are seeing and some possible reasons why:

When you manually disable Wi-Fi (with #3 and Volume Down) the speaker remains on for 20 minutes even though no lights are showing. During this period paired Bluetooth devices can connect to the system (creating a solid white Bluetooth LED) and disconnect from the system (flashing blue Bluetooth LED). This connection could happen inadvertently by one of your devices waking up and reconnecting automatically. The only way to prevent this would be to clear the Bluetooth pairing list.

After 20 minutes with no Wi-Fi connection or other interaction the SoundTouch 10 will go into a low-power standby state to conserve even more electricity when not in use. Once this happens you will need to turn it back on using the Power button before it will respond. Waking the system from this low-power state and having it boot up can take up to a full minute. 

To avoid the length of this start-up time we generally advise keeping the Wi-Fi turned on and in a network standby state (dim white Wi-Fi light) between uses.