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Dec 23, 2016

Soundtouch 10 & MAC Filter Connectivity

I have been a user of the ST 300 & AM pretty much since it rolled out.  I've finally decided to add a SoundtTouch 10 to play in another room and today went to set it up. As the title indicates, I use a MAC filter on my router.  I see two MAC addresses when the ST 10 is connected via USB and selected 1, which is what is connecting to the network when I have the filter turned off.  First question is why are there two MAC addresses on the ST 10?


Tested it with the #1 MAC (MAC filter off), it connects, it plays I listen to it for a while.  I add the entry for the ST 10 into the MAC Filter list and I'm ready to reboot the router after turning on the MAC filter.  As soon as the router comes up again, with MAC filter enabled, I am unable to connect to the ST 10.  Then tried wiping out the previously added speaker, adding it with the MAC filter enabled using the same credentials and it gives me some message about unable to connect.  Weird stuff. 


Likely something I'll need to reach out to Bose Tech support for but thought I'd ask here first.  Anyone run into this before?  


Re: Soundtouch 10 & MAC Filter Connectivity

Hello Jaybo41, 


Thanks for reaching out today. 


The MAC addresses of your speaker are linked to two different parts of the hardware. One of the MAC addresses are linked to the Bluetooth and the other MAC address is linked to the WiFi. 


Can I please ask, have you linked both of them to the router and if so, did this enable a successful connection also have you tried power cycling the speaker after changing the MAC filtering setting? 


I look forward to hearing back from you. 


Kind Regards, 

Vicky W - Community Support 

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