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Sep 11, 2016

Soundtouch 10. equalizer and sound srttings

Hello, I have Soundtouch 10. Please, tell me, how can adjust the sound quality, beacause the company have not yet made the equalizer - the sound is very "deaf'', there are no high frequencies (treble) . in the settings i've found just bass adjustment! and where the rest???
i've paid 230$. the costomer assured me about high quality sound. Furthermore, He said that sent a petition with request to make a normal equalizer and normal sound settings, and he also said , that you assured him, that is under development. Almost a year has passed!! During this time I have downloaded more than 6 or 8 updates, but no equalizer or sound settings did not appear!!!!!
What do you do at work????? 
I'm begging you to consider my application!!!!
either contact the dealer and let them give me back my money!
with respect for BOSE company from Atryom! Thank You!