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Feb 25, 2017

Soundtouch 10 found on mobile but not via PC

I have the following:

Wired (Ethernet) Connected:

SoundTouch Bar 300

SoundTouch SA-5


Wireless Connected:

SoundTouch 10 (2 each)


Background:  All speakers work great using Mobile Soundtouch APP

Background: The same Wireless Router, Network Name, Password is used for wireless and wired networks

Background:  Wireless devices work great on the wireless network and wired devices work great on the wired network; and since they are on the same network they can see each other. I can file share between wired and wireless PCs.


Issue:  The SoundTouch 10s can not be found by the PC (Windows) SoundTouch APP on the wired (local enthernet) network.  It states "Give me a minute to find your speaker..."; same error for both SoundTouch 10 speakers.


All speakers appear in the SoundTouch PC (Windows APP) however the two SoundTouch 10s are grayed out.  They are not grayed out on the SoundTouch Mobile APP


Windows SoundTouch APP works great - can manage my 300 and SA-5 (hardwired on the local ehternet) without any issues.


The wired (local ethernet) can not find the wireless SoundTouch 10s 


All soundtouch APPs, mobile and PC, have the latest software updates.


How do we get the PC version of SoundTouch to manage the SoundTouch 10s when it keeps searching for the speaker (which appears in the PC APP)?


Thank you

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Dec 5, 2016

Re: Soundtouch 10 found on mobile but not via PC

Hi davidbrasch,


Sorry to hear about the difficulties you're having with detection on the SoundTouch app.  I have a few questions and troubleshooting steps for you.


1. What is the make/model of your router?  

2. Since the app can detect devices over Wi-Fi and not Ethernet, there may be a setting in the router that is stopping this detection?  Make sure AP (or wireless) isolation is turned off.  Also, you can try disabling WMM (in theory this shouldn't make a difference, but we've seen it work on multiple occasions)

3. If you haven't already, try power cycling the wireless router.


Give this a shot, and let me know what happens.




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Mar 6, 2017

Re: Soundtouch 10 found on mobile but not via PC

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