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Dec 29, 2015

Soundtouch 120 bluetooth dropping out intermittently

We exchanged our Cinemate 120 a few weeks back for a Soundtouch 120 just for the bluetooth feature. But the only thing that we got out of this is frustration. First the bluetooth would not connect to any of our Apple/Android devices. On resetting the system a couple of times it started connecting. But the bluetooth connection keeps on dropping every few seconds. It is very annoying and to a point where we pretty much cannot use this feature. When we play the music with the same device on our Soundlink mini, it works fine but there is something wrong with the bluetooth on Soundtouch 120. Resetting the sytem has not helped at all. How should we solve this problem?
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Aug 4, 2015

Re: Soundtouch 120 bluetooth dropping out intermittently

I've had similar issues and narrowed it down to other BT devices interfering with the Soundtouch connection.  It is very finicky compared to all the other BT devices I have lying around so would explain why you have no issues with Soundlink and do have issues with Can't say it is a good move on Bose''s part from a testing and stability perspective as well as my continuous gripe on dropping airplay altogether.
Basically what may help is filter out other BT or wireless signals in your house - for me it boiled down to:
1. Disabling BT on my smart TV - it uses it for a proprietary remote control and 3D glasses we never use -AND-
2. Taking down a panasonic cordless phone system that was transmitting DECT 6 and Bluetooth connection requests - the latter to integrate our cell phones.  In this case, disabling BT was not enough, the DECT 6 signal was causing the issue.
Having removed the two stabilized the soundtouch BT signal. Unfortunately that is a lot of change and sacrifices to make for something that should be more resilient by design.  
Suggest you try and power off BT and other wireless devices and signals until you figure out what interferes with the Soundtouch  and report back on this forum so other users may benefit from your findings?