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Nov 23, 2015

Soundtouch 120 vs 130 vs LS 135

Hey community happy holidays ,
i'm looking for a home theater system and i would like to know the difference between
SoundTouch 120 vs 130 vs LifeStyle Soundtouch 135 ? 
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Sep 11, 2014

Re: Soundtouch 120 vs 130 vs LS 135

Hi Nasser,
The Two SoundTouch systems you mentioned have very similar features. The main differences are in the speaker packages:

The SoundTouch 120 system:

  •  Features a five-transducer array and is in a fixed orientation when wallmounted or placed on a table

The SoundTouch 130 system:

  • Delivers the highest level of audio performance from a Bose soundbar.
  • Soundbar has six transducers and two PhaseGuide® sound radiators, as
  • well as audio processing and amplification built in to the soundbar.
  • Features a slim profile and Flexmount® technology, offering our highest level of elegance with an unobtrusive profile, whether placed on a table or mounted to the wall.

Lifestyle 135 System uses a similar speaker package to the ST 130 features a more advanced console with:

  • Our best home theater user interface (the Unify® intelligent integration system), including an onscreen display, context sensitive controls and an RF remote control. This enables you to hide the control console and other devices (cable box, Blu-ray Disc™ player, etc.) from sight.
  • Analog and HDMI™ video inputs, while the SoundTouch™ 130 system has only HDMI video inputs. 

Also worth noting however: The SoundTouch™ 130 system is compatible with 4K video, while the Lifestyle® 135 system is not
Hope this helps you make your decision.