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Dec 30, 2016

Soundtouch 20/30, Amazon echo, and Smartthings


I reached out to the community manager and he said there is an update coming up (unknown when.)


I've had these Soundtouch 20/30 speakers for some time and can say with each update, the issue of bluetooth connectivity remains.  Sometimes the speakers stay connected for a week, other times a day.  I have to walk around the house and re-connect them with Alexa each time - not what I should have to constantly do.  Especially for the price paid.


To make matters worse, these speakers are "supposed" to work with Smartthings- they're marketed that way.  Well, if you are familar with Smartthings, you know you can have an activity (such as a door opening) activate the speakers and play a clip, etc.....Each time it does this, the Echos lose bluetooth connectivty with the speakers, rendering the usefullness of this speaker to about zero.


Let's please get this fixed or please don't market the speakers with these other services....