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Mar 20, 2020

Soundtouch 20 can't be discovered from the app.

Using Soundtouch 20 - it's on the wifi network.  I can use the quick connect buttons to access my saved stations, but about 75% of the time, if I'm trying to play music via Spotify or airplay, the Soundtouch 20 will not show up in any network list.  I'm using Ubiquiti Unifi AP's and security gateway (router).  I have all of my Soundtouch devices on a separate 2.4GHz network (with no 5Ghz access).  I see my 3 other Soundtouch products 100% of the time, it's just this Soundtouch 20 that just doesn't want to work.  Any help would be appreciated.



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Nov 12, 2015

Re: Soundtouch 20 can't be discovered from the app.

1. Try logging out of your SoundTouch account then log in. Hopefully that will work. If not...


2. Try deleting the troublesome speaker by performing a factory reset. Then log out of your SoundTouch account. Log back in and reapply the speaker. 

Joe H
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May 24, 2019

Re: Soundtouch 20 can't be discovered from the app.

I have five Soundtouch speakers.  When I open the Soundtouch app on my Iphone Xr, that has version 13.3.1, it rarely finds all my speakers.  I can even turn on a speaker, and when I reopen the app a few minutes later it will not even find the speaker that I just turned on (even though I haven't even moved)  I do not seem to have this issue with my Ipad.  I will have the issue with my phone, then immediately pick up my Ipad and it will find all my speakers.  I have updated the app on my poneI have interface 24.0.3 and app version 23.0.4.  This is very frustrating because I would rather use my phone to control the speakers.  It is not a network issue or I would have the same problem with my Ipad.  Any assistance would be appreciated.

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Re: Soundtouch 20 can't be discovered from the app.

Hey mr.invisible, 


Thanks for your message. Hope you're enjoying your SoundTouch speakers! Sorry to hear of the issues you're experiencing with speaker discovery. 


You'll find a few similar threads within the Bose Community forums regarding mesh networks. Whilst we're happy to provide troubleshooting to the degree that we can via the forums, where possible, we encourage you to reach out directly to Bose support in your region for 1:1 troubleshooting. This is simply due to the unique nature of networking environments with a large number of variables at play which could be causing the issue. You can reach us HERE, selecting your region, and using the "Contact us" feature at the bottom of the page.


If you'd still like to try and troubleshoot via the forums, we'll need a little more information. The SoundTouch application works by reaching out to your home's Wi-Fi network, requesting a response from each specific speaker. Depending on how your home's network handles this request, the response will either come back with found or not found. It's interesting to hear that this only ever occurs to your SoundTouch 20 speaker, and none of the other SoundTouch systems you also use. How many physical access points are located around your home? Is there anything that stands out regarding the physical location and setting for this speaker and the nearest access point? 


It's great to hear that you've already attempted some troubleshooting with clarifying the wireless frequencies that the speaker's connected to. @rickatk's suggestion of factory resetting the speaker (this can be done by pressing and holding the 1 and Volume - buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds), and re-connecting it to the network, is always a great step to take to ensure it's connecting to the same network as the other speakers within your home.

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