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Dec 4, 2018

Soundtouch 20 rubbish

I have to agree with a many users. The Bose Soundtouch 20 has become the greatest waste of money I have ever succumbed to. It fails to connect to my wifi network and when it does (after about two or three hours fiddling about with the crappy SounTouch App (why Bose decided I needed the other freaking apps... ie. SoundTouchHelper.app, SoundTouchL.app or SoundTouchMusicServer.app) god knows. Just bought a Sony SRS-ZR7 and it absolutely workd straight out of the box, great sound quality, connects to my phone seamlessly, plays music when I ask it to... and never jokes about ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.... When the crappy SoundTouch does connect, I then have to go through a series of normally embarrasaing moments with my visitors and friends trying to get preset music stations to play.. its all about 1004 errors or 1005... What an absolutely waste of my money. Getting rid of this "speaker"... can't even fathom to ask anyone for money in exchange.... absolute piece of rubbish!