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Sep 4, 2020

Soundtouch 30 Shutdown Time

We use a Soundtouch 30 in church to play hymns, using a prepared playlist on an iPod to connect via bluetooth.

There can be a gap of more than 20 minutes between the end of the first hymn and the start of the second hymn which means that the Soundtouch 30 will have disconnected itself from the bluetooth link and maybe shut down. How can we prevent this happening?


My present solution is to turn the volume down to almost zero so that it stays connected, but then it is necessary to mess with the iPod (which many people are not willing to do) to get back to the required next hymn, rather than just being able to use the pause and start buttons on the remote controller.


The church does not have an internet installation.


Help would be appreciated


Re: Soundtouch 30 Shutdown Time

Hello dojomo, 


Thanks for reaching out. 


I have looked into this, and there doesn't appear to be a way to present the system from shutting down after a period of non-use. 


Have you considered using an AUX connection instead of Bluetooth to make playback easier? If you're using an iPod, this should have a headphone output to allow this. 


I'll look forward to your reply.

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