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Dec 31, 2017

Soundtouch 300 Robotic Filtered Sounds

I have a soundtouch 300 hooked up to an x930e, accompanied by an acoustimass 300. Whenever there is a sudden light sound such as someone setting something down on a table, footsteps, or sometimes in voices, the sound comes through almost as if it is being filtered to sound robotic, like something out of a sci fi movie. I read a 6 page post on here where people have been having the same issue since the start of the year. It appeared as if Bose thought the updates should fix it. I upgraded to V17 right out of the box because the issue was very apparent. The people on said post seemed to be returning their units.


Is there any hope for the 300?


Re: Soundtouch 300 Robotic Filtered Sounds

Hi Justin,


Thanks for the post.  


How is the SoundTouch 300 connected to your television?  Via HDMI?  Can we see if the same audio issues happen with an optical connection for audio instead?


Does the same thing happen with SoundTouch or Bluetooth sources?




Brandon - Bose Support