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Oct 10, 2017

Soundtouch 300 SoundBar ARC V16.

New problem with Ver 16 firmware. My sound bar will no longer stay connected to my Samsung UN49KS8000 TV. Did not have this problem with Ver 15. If I unplug both my TV and soundbar from power for about 15-20 sec and reconnected to power they will work. TV will see the sound bar as a receiver with ARC and I will be able to control the soundbar volume from the TV or Bose remote. But then they will disconnect from each other again and the bose will no longer see the TV. However the TV will still see the bose but only as a standard device connected to the HDMI port.
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Oct 10, 2017

Re: Soundtouch 300 SoundBar ARC V16.

I am not sure if i can address your issue, but i had simillar problem with earlier version. With 16X version its all fine. 


What i found out from my research out of various setting is that 

1. if you have ARC and Optical cable connected to Sound bar, Optical connection takes precidence over ARC. THere is no way to choose preferences. 

2. If you tend to use Remote of the settop box for Audio Mute , the aut off function gets triggred and then your system goes for a off command after some period of time. Try increaseing he off time via mobile app. 

3.The ARC port of either TV or Bose is not being triggred correctly, try useing external HMMI BOX with ARC Return port. 


My besic trouble shooting sequence would be is to 

1. Disconnect ARC and use just Optical connection, Does it work?

2. Do the reverse, see if the problem Presists

3. Update the firmwere again to ensure things have been triggred correctly. Do that manually if possible it ensures correct version being deployed