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Jan 14, 2017

Soundtouch 300 auto switchs on my TV by day or night

Hi after 2 years I notice the same problem on my soundbar. After a lot of fw update of soundbar and of tv (samsung 65HU8500) sometimes sondounbar switches on by itself (switching on tv also). In order to avoid ti behavior (by night it's really boring!) I have to disconnect the hdmi cable between soundabar and tv. I tried to change Arc settings on soundbar but only on default settings it's possible to switch on soundbar with tv (and audio tv is automatically disabled).Moreover 2/3 times a week the automatism stops  (I switch on tv but soundbasr still remain on stby and if I force switch on the soundbar I cant'hear sound from it)and in order to restore the correct operation I have to unplug the powersupply of both devices. The only solution is to use the optical cable but losing all hdmi arc features (auto disable audio from tv, volume setting of soundbar not from tv remote but only with bose remote etc). Finally the wifi/stby led has lost intensity, has a gray light unlike the original white. The sound is still excellent, I bought also invisible sourround speakers but I'm waithing to solve all my issue before buying sub module.


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Jul 11, 2017

Re: Soundtouch 300 auto switchs on my TV by day or night

Smiley Surprised

So nice to know I'm not alone with this problem.