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Feb 24, 2019

Soundtouch 300 configuration

Hello Team,

Need your help with the below Configuration. I've soundtouch 300, 1 bose woofer and 2 datelite speakers all connected wirelessly with siundtouch 300. Configuration below:

1. Soundbar 300 HDMI Input is connected to PC HDMI. HDMI OUT from Sound Bar connects to TV-HDMI ARC. Working fine. 

2. 2nd HDMI on TV: connected a 5 port HDMI splitter. HDMI Out from HDMI Splitter is connected to the 2nd HDMI of the TV. Then connected Chromecast to 1 input of HDMI Splitter. Chromecast Video and functionality is working fine but no audio. 

Can you please suggest what can be done to fix the Chromescast audio. 

Another configuration tried but not working is noted below. 

1. Connected HDMi Splitter input1 to soundbar hdmi input and connected HDMI Splitter output to another HDMI on TV (non Arc) as the ARC HDMI is already connected to soundbar output. IN this scenario both pc and chromescast can be switched but no audio. 

Thus, it seems the TV is not able to route the audio to soundbar in both the cases. Any suggestions. 

Goal: All HDMi inputs sound should come from the entire bose setup. 


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Oct 18, 2017

Re: Soundtouch 300 configuration

Your HDMI ARC is a two-way communication between the TV and Bose HDMI ARC.  That is connected properly for your TV to send sound to your Bose.  This also allows the Bose to send information back to your TV.


All your other TV HDMI jacks are in only.  I have had best success plugging all my other devices into the various TV HDMI in's.  I have 4 in's and 4 devices.  I'm thinking maybe a splitter is not going to work because of HDMI handshake issues.  I would get rid of the splitter and plug one device into your TV HDMI in and the other device into your Bose soundbar HDMI in if your TV does not have another unused HDMI.


If you have more devices than HDMI in's you might need an HDMI switch instead of HDMI splitter.  However, even with a switch, establishing the HDMI handshake between devices can be problematic.


Your TV is going to need to do the switching between input devices depending on which one you want to use at the time.  I guess that works differently for every brand of TV.  On my LG TV, I have to go into the menu and choose the input I want to use, HDMI 1,2,3 or 4.  The sound output on my HDMI ARC (HDMI 2) to the Bose seems to work regardless of which input I choose.  My TV is set with internal speakers off and to export sound to HDMI/Optical.