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Jan 1, 2018

Soundtouch 520 HDCP stopped working

I have a soundtouch 520 bose system setup at home, with some devices linked (Xbox One, Computer, Dish receptor, Apple TV) and connected to a Samsung Smart TV.

Everything was going okay but suddenly we started to have trouble managing video with the HDCP part, so no netflix in any device, nor in the Apple TV neither on the Computer, Dish isnt working either. I know the bose system works only with HDCP 2.1, but i think it isn´t working neither. So what can I do? Youtube works and video in the computer also works, but HDCP content does not.

Everything works if I connect every device directly to the TV but I´m interested in getting it to work as it was in the beginning. I also tried to update it but didn´t work. Changing the HDMI cables didn´t work.

I also noticed that the Smart TV stopped detecting the bose system as an Anynet+ device and the audio do work but can´t be controlled from the TV remote. I also tried to update the Smart TV but didn´t work either

I´m out of ideas, help please.