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Aug 4, 2015

Soundtouch Home Theater Series

I know there is a post for feature requests for the Soundtouch series however, it is geared more towards software requests.
Would appreciate if you relayed to the product team that the relabling of Cinemate to Soundtouch series could have included some more basic enhancements in the product line other than a soundtouch bluetooth adapter - that is not to talk about adding some meaningful features to the product set.
WIthout affecting the overall engineering of the entire product line, you could have considered the following minimal enhancements to the Cinemate product line: 
1. RF remote as in the soundtouch 525/535 series and / or (if RF was too much of a change)
2. Backlit keys - I can't for the life of me understand why Bose would not include such a basic enhancement into a system that is geared towards movie watching which is typically done in the dark.  The cost for adding backlighting to your remote would have been negligible yet the usability factor of the system would rise exponentially.  
As an owner of a Cinemate 520, I would buy a Bose backlit replacement remote in a heartbeat - how about pitching this up to 'management'?