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Jan 23, 2016

Soundtouch IV disappointment

Hello all,
My new Bose Soundtouch IV is boxed and ready for sale on Ebay, having been tried twice.
I must be missing something somwhere.  Before I click the button I hope experts within the community can enlighten me as to exactly why this system in any way reflects its purchase price.
Firstly my hearing is above average, according to a recent medical. Also I have owned two Bose units previously in cars.  There was also Bose Wave FM radio in my faimily home. I like radio.  I haven't  owned a TV set in seven years.
Regarding the Soundtouch IV. Positioned correctly, as per the manual I finally unpacked and tested it last week after builders had left the house.  How disappointing....
 A CD sounds no better in the Bose than in my ten year old second hand Yamaha receiver.
The DAB radio struggles for a signal. It was supplied with a meagre grey wire which somehow constites an antenna.  I tried placing the T end for vertical and horizontal polarity but the few stations it did receive often digitally broke up.  (I would be willing to invest in a rooftop DAB antenna but amazingly I found that the 2.5mm jack is not compatable with any commerically available aerial upgrade. Instead I would have to fabricate two adapters to connect to coax, losing fidelity and defeating the whole object.)
On the phone to Bose technical help, the advisor informed me that there were no availale antennas other than the aforementioned wire, and that any signal problems I was having were due to my location. I informed her that my Pure Evoke, and a 15gbp Red DAB radios placed next to the Bose had no problems with reception with aluminium telescopic antennas. They can both receive most stations.
The Soundtouch IV sounds no better than the Pure for DAB.
I then connected the unit via ethernet and downloaded the software updates to try internet radio. Expectedly poorer in clarity than DAB or CD, the unit sounds no better for internet radio than my PC.
However I am confident that the Bose is impressive at volume and I can't imagine that it distorts but as I explained to the advisor, I am 40 not 14 so will not be blasting pop music out of it every night. Is high volume stability the only quality of this system? I have neighbours to consider. Why is the demo CD expected to be played at such high volume?
I am aware of the law of dimishing returns regarding hi-fi sound quality  but I must be missing the point of the IV system.
The system was bought for me as a generous gift. Bought in November it was out of the 30 day return limit unfortunately by the time I tried it.
For me Bose in the past were an expensive product but quality. 
What am I doing wrong?