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Apr 29, 2018

Soundtouch NAS and PC library error solution


I have received my new Soundtouch 30 today and I was disapointed that I couldn't connect to my NAS or PC library. Here is how I solved the first issue with NAS.

1. I removed shared media library from My PC

2. I opened Windows media player and on top there is a button salled Stream. I clicked on it and then selected last option - Turn on Media streaming. 

3. I didn't see my Bose speaker there so I selected All networks instead of Local network

4. Then I turned it on and now I can play my music from my NAS or let's call it from my PC.


My PC library solution:

The reason why you are getting error message is probably because your library is empty. I fixed my problem when I coppied one song into this location: c:\Users\Public\Music\. I had no songs in this folder and I was getting error, but when I coppied ther first song, it is OK. So my solution for this is to move your songs into c:\Users\Public\Music\ and it should be fixes. Please let me know if it helped you.

This link could help you too: How to turn on media streaming in windows