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Oct 20, 2017

Soundtouch Portable - should I get one?

We currently have 2 Soundtouch 300s and a Soundtouch 20 working together as needed.

As it is spring - I was looking at the Soundtouch portrable as something which could be used with our network and also away from our network with our Ipads (IOS 12.1.4), so questions are:


1. How does the Sound compare to the Soundtouch 20, I expect better than the portable speakers?

2. How long does the battery last playing at around 30%. How long does the battery last with not playing and charge time, can the unit be used when charging.

3. Any issues with the up to date Soundtouch app and firmware especially together with the other units - the other units are in 20.0.10 of course

4. Will Airplay from the Ipad Mini 4 and Ipad Pro (1st gen) with IOS 12.1.4 work to the Soundtouch portable without connection to another WIFI - as the unit is without bluetooth. Our Macs use Mac OS 10.12.6 and 10.13.6 but not considering Airplay from those to the unit.

5. Any issues with using TuneIn, Spotify or music on NAS library (My Cloud Ex2).


The objective is to use for music in a covered garage , not directly in the open.




Re: Soundtouch Portable - should I get one?

Hi David,


Thank you for posting.


The battery life for the SoundTouch Portable, that we have on file in the specs, is for 3 hours on maximum volume, so when listening at 30% you should get considerably longer than that.

With the SoundTouch Portable the issue you will run into when trying to use the speaker outside of your Wi-Fi network, is that Airplay does rely on having an internet connection to work. So without the Wi-Fi connection to the speaker you wouldn't be able to connect to your iPads over Airplay. You could however use the iPads with the AUX connection on the speaker instead when outside the Wi-FI network


Depending on how 'portable' you would want your speaker to be, it could be worth trying the SoundTouch 10 for your purposes. While it doesn't run on battery power and does need an outlet to connect to, the smaller size means you can easily relocate the speaker and if taken outside of your Wi-Fi network it can be used with Bluetooth, allowing you to connect your iPads to the speaker wirelessly. While it's not a truly portable speaker it is an option, depending on how you want to use the speaker.


As for sound comparisons between the speakers, we always find how good something sounds to be incredibly individual to each person, so the best way to compare is always to listen to them and see what you think.


I hope this helps,]

Keith_L - Community Support - 





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