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Nov 24, 2017 / Music Server on Mac should enable streaming to local Mac speakers

I have ST 10 speakers in another room. I have Wireless Link Adapter connected to audio system in another room. I am able to stream from my music library to these Bose products over WiFi. Yet I cannot play that same music on the speakers that are connected right to my Mac. The SoundTouch Music Server obviously has that music... it could *easily* play to the Mac's speakers while it streams to the network. The running on the Mac could control this. It would need to have an adjustable delay, or maybe the app already know the delay in reaching the WiFi based devices.


I realize Bose would like me to buy another pair of ST 10's or something and install in the room where my Mac is... that's not going to happen. Like most Mac users, i have perfectly good speakers already attached or built in and want to use them.