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Apr 3, 2018

Soundtouch app with Sirius

I have  Sirius account I use with car and finding I cannot use Sirius through the SoundTouch app. I get an message: Looks like you can't play this account. Check your account settings at Sirius. (6031) 


I usually listen to Pandora but recall being able to play Sirius at one time. Did Sirius change their account verification that prevents me listening with my car account  or is this a SoundTouch app problem ? 

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Dec 5, 2016

Re: Soundtouch app with Sirius

Hi Rickster58,


Thanks for the question.  In order to stream through the SiriusXM source in the SoundTouch App (and also on SiriusXM's site), you need to have internet streaming added to your SiriusXM account, which I believe is an additional cost.  You'll need to contact them in order to have it added.


If you have any more questions, please let us know.



Brandon - Community Support