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Jul 26, 2018

Soundtouch integration

Hi Bose,

Featue Request

I am loving the SoundTouch system and have a multi room setup.   Is there any plans to do KNX integration?   I have just installed a large KNX home automation system and it is a real shame that I can’t directly interface this to SoundTouch. I realise I can achieve this  a couple of ways using different gateway products however I do t really want the added expense and complexity. From my perspective a direct interface would make this an amazing system from home automation perspective. Give the huge number of manufacturers directly supporting the KNX automation standard  it would be great to see Bose get on board before a competitor does.  And given KNX already has IP gateway integration it would only require a software gateway imbedded in the Soundtouch software to accept the KNX commands.    Thanks !


Re: Soundtouch integration

Hi Balga,


Thanks for the recommendation!  I'll send this up to the software team to see if it can be implemented.

Let us know if you have any others!


Brandon - Community Support