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Oct 26, 2017

Soundtouch not seeing all speakers

I have a new Lifestyle 650 system and a 20/30 portable wireless speaker.  I have the SoundTouch app on my iPhone where it is working fine and showing the 650 as the principle speaker and the portable as the secondary.  The SoundTouch sw on my pc is only showing the portable speaker - there is no provision to add anything or a play all function.,  How do I get the pc sw to recognise the 650 Lifestyle and also make it the principle speaker

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Sep 25, 2014

Re: Soundtouch not seeing all speakers

Hi gillei,


Curiously have you tried to reboot your router and systems by unplugging the power cord for a full two minutes, then plugging them back in and re-testing? Also, what would be the model number of the router your are using? If it is a dual-band router, have you tried to give the 5GHz network a unique name? Do you also have any other networking equipment setup such as repeaters or extenders?


Let us know how the above goes and we can take it from there! Thanks!