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Nov 13, 2017

Soundtouch on W10 lost SiriusXM favories

Soundtouch application running on Windows 10.  Out of the blue, my list of SiriusXM favorites disappeared.  Everything else works ok.  I tried adding my favorites back in, but it will not list any favorites.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled. Still no luck.  Any ideas?


Re: Soundtouch on W10 lost SiriusXM favories

Hi there tpgchina,


Thanks for your message. Currently I'm not sure what is causing this issue, or whether it is an issue with Sirius in general or just an issue with the Bose app.


Have you tried accessing Sirius outside of the Bose SoundTouch app? Is the issue the same there? If so, it could well be a general Sirius issue.


I've done some research online and apparently, your list of favourites can disappear when Sirius updates their subscription list. I'm not sure if this has happened lately, but have you tried going into your history and choosing the last XM preset you listened to? Do your presets then reappear as normal?


Let me know if this helps - if not, I will discuss internally and see if there's any further information I can find.