Speakers not found by the SoundTouch app

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Re: Speakers not found by the SoundTouch app

Hi Tony
Assuming I'm able to find how to assign a static IP what should be the sequence?
Do I have to use the IP currently assigned to the four speakers (remember they are shown as off line to the app now or randomly visible but never all together)? Or do I have to restart the router and as soon as all 4 speakers will be on line then assign the static IP.
Let me know and I will try as soon as I'll be back from a business travel in 3 days.
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Re: Speakers not found by the SoundTouch app

Hi g.distafano,


I think our best way to tackle this is to give our phone support a quick call.  They have tools which should be able to help with these changes.  Just click HERE and select your country and Contact Us at the bottom of the page.  


Definitely let us know the outcome!


Warm Regards,

Tony A 

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Re: Speakers not found by the SoundTouch app

Please confirm that phone support at Bose will get access to all messages we shared so far. I don't want to waste time going through all of this again.

How do I qualify the issue with them? Is there a ticket number or else I can share to strat from where we are at now?


Re: Speakers not found by the SoundTouch app

Hello g.distafano,


Thanks for the questions.


You can refer them to the community and let them know what your username name is on here, so they can see your thread posted here.


Just let them know you were working with us on the community.


Kind Regards,

Joel - Community Support

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Re: Speakers not found by the SoundTouch app

I have been having similar "Searching for speaker issues" for almost as long as I have had these speakers.  Most of the time only 50% of my speakers were detected when opening the IOS app.   Turning on/off WiFi solved the issue 60% of the time.  Sometimes force closing and reopening the app worked as well.   


I decided to dedicate sometime to the issue in the past week and researched the various threads in the bose community.   I have a fairly complex network/setup.

My setup:

4 Linksys Velop Triband nodes (2 hardwired/2 wireless)

1 ST 300 w VI 300

1 ST 20 series ii

1 ST 30 series ii - hardwired.

4 ST 10 (2 stereo pairs)

I have one wifi name for both 2.4ghz and 5ghz.  Traveling from one node to another often resulted in the dreaded "Searching for speakers" again for random STs.


1) First think I tried is setting static ips to each ST speaker - no help

2) Second - change router DNS to use Google DNS - Ding! That seemed to work.


Traveling from one code to another does not result in lost speakers anymore a couple of hours and app seemed much faster now.   I will test some more in the coming days to see if this holds. Fingers crossed.


Re: Speakers not found by the SoundTouch app

Hi Jgy204, 


Many thanks for your post.


Hopefully others who have encountered the same issue with a similar set up are able to use your findings to help them with this.


Have a great day


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Re: Speakers not found by the SoundTouch app

hi JgY204 thanks for your contribution here. You mean you changed the DNS like this?

  • Primary DNS to
  • Secondary to

if yes I made the same long time ago and I'm sorry to say that it was just a temporary "Ding!" for me. After sometime (hours maybe one day or two...) back with the same issues. I spend also two hours directly with Bose but till now no way. 

Frustrated doesn't well represent my feeling. I spent so many $$ on Bose products but now I don't feel I would reccomend it to do the same if I would be asked.

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Re: Speakers not found by the SoundTouch app

Correct, that is what I did.   Hopefully my stability will be persistent.   I will observe over the weekend and report back with findings.

I do feel It's definitely an underlying issue with the Soundtouch app for iOS.   None of the STs have WiFi signal strength issues and are always available 100% all the time when using Alexa to control them. 

No other stability issues with any other wired/wireless component in my environment (a ton of wifi devices) except for these.


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Re: Speakers not found by the SoundTouch app

Same for me and it is not just an issue with iOS. I have the same with Android both on Tablet and phones. The Bose App is totally unstable. Just to give you an idea following you can find what I was suggested to do by Customer Service at Bose to try make it more stable. Now my question is: do you really need to bee a geek to make this app working as expected?


Recommended router settings for SoundTouch™ compatibility

UPnP - Enable

Multicast - Enable

IGMP - Enable

Wireless Isolation - Disable

IGMP Proxy - Disable

Wi-Fi Radio or Radio Mode - Mixed or B/G/N

Stealth mode - Disable

MAC Filtering/Access Control - Disable, or add the SoundTouch™ system’s MAC address to the allowed devices list

WPS - Disable


Recommended router settings for optimized SoundTouch™ performance

Wireless channel - Fixed (select a specific channel); Auto-Channel selection is not recommended.


Standard Wi-Fi uses 11 channels. Selecting the best channel might require trial and error. Choose channel 1 or 11 and observe the system to see if performance improves. If it does not, try the other channels until performance does improve.


Security type – WPA-2(PSK) with AES Encryption.


Some routers offer a mixed security mode of WPA (TKIP)/WPA-2 (AES) for compatibility with older products. For SoundTouch, choose “WPA-2 only” if no networked devices depend on WPA or mixed mode. If you are unsure if other networked devices will be affected, note the current security setting, switch to WPA-2 and try all other networked devices. If necessary, return to the previous security setting.


WMM – Disable.


This setting is intended to optimize streaming services but typically gives priority to voice or video streaming, which can negatively impact audio streaming or reserve bandwidth for voice or video devices even if they are off.  Although disabling WMM is recommended, on some routers, enabling WMM improves performance. If WMM is disabled on the router and SoundTouch issues are experienced, enable WMM and check for improvement.

More information and support for your system can be found at the Bose® SoundTouch™ Support Site or on the Bose® YouTube Channel


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Re: Speakers not found by the SoundTouch app

Leon I saw this kind of replies many times. Nothing personal, I appriciate polite manners but I'm still here strugling to make my 4 Bose speakers working as expected.