Spotify Daily Mix on Presets?

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Spotify Daily Mix on Presets?

Hi There,

There was a thread on this but I haven't found any solution yet to use the Spotify Daily Mix features with my presets.

It used to work until recently.

Do you have any sollution for this?




Re: Spotify Daily Mix on Presets?

Hi Paul,


Thanks for the post, and sorry to hear about the difficulties you're having.


Can you try overwriting the presets with new ones or new daily mixes, and test again?


When did this start happening?



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Re: Spotify Daily Mix on Presets?

Hi there,


The "Daily Mixes" cannot be put on a preset as you can't access your Spotify library with Soundtouch.

A workaround is to create a playlist from one of the daily mixes and store that to a preset. Unfortunately this list will not update while playing and will only have between 15-20 songs.


Accessing the daily mixes on Spotify was a request a good while ago here on the forum - but was never answered.





Re: Spotify Daily Mix on Presets?

Hello all,


Thank you for your posts. I've done some testing with this and wanted to share what I've found:


  • I can confirm that Spotify's "Daily Mix" playlists did not appear within the SoundTouch app during my testing. I will certainly pass this feedback along to our development teams as a feature request. 
  • Next, I went into the Spotify app and played one of my Daily Mix playlists there, and selected a SoundTouch speaker using the Spotify Connect feature. This allowed the playlist to play just fine.
  • I was then able to press and hold one of the preset buttons on top of the speaker to save the preset. The SoundTouch speaker confirmed that "Daily Mix 1" had been saved as a preset.
  • I next tried repeating this step on another preset (1-6) by going into the SoundTouch app, and setting a preset there. This also worked just fine. 


In conclusion, although these Spotify playlists don't currently appear within the SoundTouch app, it does still seem possible to set these as presets. Let me know if you encounter any different results when trying the steps I listed above. 


Best regards,


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Re: Spotify Daily Mix on Presets?

Hi @Brian_M,


Thanks for trying this out and provide a workaround with a step by step instruction :-)

I will certanly test this in the office because the daily mixes are endless playlists.