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Bradley Haselton
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Dec 30, 2019

Support Contract for Soundlink Operation

I am not often at home, and when returning, I like to listen to my music.

I have invested £100's of pounds in the SoundTouch system,

( 2 x soundbars, 1 x ST10, 1 x ST30 and 1 x wireless link)

Every time I come to use it, (which is probably once every 5 to 6 weeks) an update is required.

The update that takes place (it has happened three times now) totally wrecks the system set up, and I spend hours (this time, probably 7 - 8 hours and it is still not right) trying to get the system back.


I approximate that for every hour of music that I HAVE been able to listen to, I have spent 20 minutes resetting and diagnosing problems on the system.


The time spent doing this obviously overruns the time that I was going to listen to my music, and frustration mounts.

And so, the moment is gone.

Instead of relaxing, I find myself rebooting, updating, re-newing speaker network connections, and generally trying to diagnose  the system failure.

Various error codes come up, which are not explained, and the upgrade to the server continually rolls round and round.


The latest update was to Airplay 2.

'Yes!' I thought, perhaps my problems are over! But...

Using Airplay, my phone now has problems in that I cannot connect to multiple speakers, so I have gone back to the Bose application. 


I am at the point of thinking that my investment was a bad one.


I have the opportunity of re-wiring my house with speaker leads, and running multiple power amps (yes back to the 1970's), and just going back to CD playing.

I will know where it is all routed to and I won't have the continual problems of network loss and system upgrades.


But... I will give it one last chance....


Is there anyone reading this from the Ipswich / Lowestoft / East Anglia area who has the credentials to offer me support? In person, here? I will gladly pay for your time.

I am thinking of anyone who has previously worked for Bose in their distribution shops in the past, and has the knowledge and would like to help me?


I hope someone can help, or, if the kit fails again on my next attempt, the kit will be going in the bin (when I can get an appointment at the local refuse tip).

It's a shame, because the sound quality is far the best that I have ever heard, but the system it runs on (in my experience) is so very fragile. 

I will give it until the end of July, but hope that someone might reply.


All the best