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Jul 15, 2016

Syncing TV audio across speakers

Some time ago Bose added the capability of the ST300 soundbar to send TV audio to other ST speakers. This is a nice feature but, as you said at the time, the video and audio do not all sync up (you can get the soundbar and TV to sync or the speaker audio can be made to sync but with noticible delay from the video). Are there any plans to do an update so everything will sync? One application is to have say an ST10 in a kitchen next to the room the TV and ST300 are in.

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Feb 26, 2019

Re: Syncing TV audio across speakers

Hi Pelican,


Due to the nature of the connection, and issues this presents, it would be too difficult to implement this to where there is no audible delay. The issue we face is the latency through the WiFi network these devices are connected to. This varies depending on the network setup you are using. The only way we could make this work would be to delay everything including the video on the TV, and create a buffer over the network.


We wouldn't be able to do this as it requires integration with the televisions. We do hope you understand and we will continue to work on our features to make sure they work as best as they can.


Some things you can try to reduce the latency between the speakers:

  1. Use an Ethernet cable between the speakers and the router. This reduces loss of data over the network, and reduces the chance of interference.
  2. Some routers aren't very powerful. You could upgrade your router to increase the bandwidth across your network.

This may improve the latency between the speakers, however it will not get rid of it entirely. Due to the nature of WiFi and how the system works there will always be a delay.


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