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Sep 11, 2018

System detection after 20.0.6 update

Hello Joel,


I have a new problem since updating to 20.0.6.


Have three speakers. Some days all are still on the network and then suddenly one day, one or two will be disconnected and I have to re-connect them.


Now this morning the one speaker will not connect at all. I have tried all the avenues and it goes through the process fine, but when I exit the setup the speaker is disconnected.


Intermittent problem seems to be gone, but now a worse problem strikes.





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Dec 5, 2016

Re: System detection after 20.0.6 update

Hi Johan,


Thanks for posting.


I moved to your post out of the old thread since it's no longer the same symptom as the prior discussion. 


Can you open the SoundTouch application and navigate to Settings>About>Select each system and confirm the software version and SSID signal strengths on each system for me?


Have you tried rebooting your router at all to see if this will improve your system detection issue?


Let me know the results.


Kind Regards,

Joel - Community Support