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Nov 20, 2018

Thank You Bose for Soundtouch

Hi All


Looking at the topics I see mainly negative posts and questions.

Maybe a more positive post can support Bose and the moderators on this forum?


Yes, Bose has shown a lack of good communication in 2018.

Yes, there are issues that still need some solutions and updates.

Yes, the app and integration needs some extra's and smoothness.


On the other hand,

I bought myself a new ST10 today for the bathroom. Hooray!

I allready own 5 ST's 20 and 1 ST Link Adapter for my heavy Onkyo with big B&W's. (sorry Bose 😉

They all do what I bought them for: flexibility, great sound, design, ability to play groupwise.

Happily all play'n together.

I love the presets and option to choose my sound without a phone, ipad. Especially in the morning ;).

Today I find all my needed stations in TuneIn, I can even add URL streams.

I stream my CD's from my NAS PLEXserver as we speak.

I watch Netflix on my iPad streaming the Sound to the Bose Bedroom.

My children make their noise on their ST20 while in their shower.

Most of my ST's are airplay. And yes, I hope for Airplay2 ; not crucial but sometimes very needed...

Earlier this week I hesitated to buy the 10 and a second ST Link.

- Because of the new Home Speakers, will Bose support ST in the future?

- Because of Airplay2, coming to all ST's?

A simple question that was quickly and very friendly answered by the Clientservice of Bose. Thank you Richard ;).

He assured me that support for ST will remain and the engineers work hard on Airplay2 coming to all ST's in 2019.

That's that.


So, Today, Thank you Bose and everyone working on the ST-line.

As I am writing your system fills my house with great sound.

Their design is future proof (better than the Home-line).

For all those hesitating. Don't. It works like a charm today. The quality is superb. The sound, again, great. (the 10 a bit less but just fine for a small (bath) room).

I am very demanding when it comes to quality AND (st)ability.

Bose, bring us support, airplay 2 and some other stuff from all around this forum and we spread the word. 🙂

Tell us what you will do and do what you tell us (yes,beuh... 🙂 but needed)


Let this be a topic, positively meant.

Every one happy with their SoundTouch system can make a thumbs up as a like ♥ for Bose (not me).

Thank you.


PS : not a native English speaker 😉

PS2 : Airplay 2 please... 😉