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Oct 4, 2018

Thank you Bose Development Team, you're doing such a terrible job!

A few days ago, after returning from a trip, I start the SoundTouch App.

Immediately, I'm informed that an update is required. Update started, 20 minutes later all presets are gone.

I go into the App to set my presets and surprise, TuneIn is the service provider for internet Radio channels. However, the channels that were in my preset can no longer be found. Why, because they are not a part of TuneIn. Not only that, when I choose a simular channel, you get a message that says the channel is not currently available try again later.


In May 2018, a community member suggested adding jazzradio.com. The update I performed was in the last 7 days, no jazzradio.com!


Here are my questions for your development team:


1. Why delete presets during updates? This makes no sense and frustrates the user!

2. Why, 'goodbye to internet radio, hello to TuneIn'? Their services are limited!

3. Why should the user have to stream from other devices? Isn't the ST Wave and other speaker systems able to stream direct from the internet?

4. If I have to stream from other devices, why do I need the ST speakers? I can listen to the music directly from the device itself!


No, I am not happy! In the last year the quality of the ST App has gone from poor to very poor!

The reason for buying the ST Wave was for the internet radio capabilities! Now it looks like the purchase was a very big mistake!



A very unhappy SoundTouch Purchaser

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Dec 6, 2018

Re: Thank you Bose Development Team, you're doing such a terrible job!

I am behind you 100% with your opinion of Bose software and their release quality.


My update would not install over the existing application, so I had to uninstall and install the new release. Why?


Ever since I installed the new release the software loses my speaker and can't find it again, even after it's been playing for an hour or so. Why on earth does it lose the speaker when both my Mac and the Soundtouch system are connected over Ethernet? Hopeless.


Sorry, just had to vent to support your opinion.