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Jun 28, 2017

Tired of deleting app, deleting speaker, adding speaker

I am a big Bose fan, I have exclusively purchased Bose speakers for several years now. However, I am extremely unhappy with the Soundtouch. I can open my music library on my Mac, but not using the app on my phone or iPad. I have read and followed all the instructions here in the forums. (reboot your server, delete the speaker, add the speaker, etc) The whole purpose of these wireless speakers is to NOT have to go to the main source of your music library when you want to hear the songs, but to be able to access them using the app from any room in the house. If I wanted to walk into my office and open the Bose app on my Mac everytime I want to hear music, I would have just gotten better speakers for my Mac. I am seriously considering getting rid of my Soundtouch speaker and looking at the Sonos products. Very disappointed with this Bose product.