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Jan 1, 2017

To all having new app / WiFi speaker issues - mine are resolved

I've read a lot of angry posts here regarding the new app & not being able to get your wireless speakers working properly.  I found this site after hours of having the same issues you all have described on the many different posts/threads.


But, I think I have solved at least my issues (rebooting, re-downloading, spotty if any sound coming from speakers, etc.) and wanted to forward what I did to correct it.


I finally connected an ethernet cable between my SA5 amplifier and my wireless router.  All problems I was having were resolved and the sound was perfect.  But better yet, after leaving it connected this way for several hours I disconnected the cat5 cable and the sound was still perfect.


I have tried many different radio stations, diff sound sources and played with the (minimal) options there are in the new app, powered off/on all units and never had a problem since, still being on WiFi only.  This has been only 24 hours since I unboxed my new SA5 Amp & SoundTouch outdoor speakers, but I had a lifetime of problems for the first few hours until trying the temporary hardwire connect.


Not sure what this would have actually done other than allowing new software updates to download quicker, etc., but it's all working now.


This was the thread I started yesterday when I first found this site and posted: