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Sep 27, 2020

Trouble connecting Bose wave SoundTouch with iPhone 11 Bluetooth

Bose Wave SoundTouch 1V


since I have recently a new iPhone 11 my phone Bluetooth will not connect with my sound touch speaker. 
I’ve tried many times. I’ve gone through the steps with the app many times. 
Ive tried calling Bose and can’t get through. 
If you can advise much appreciated. 
Thank you!

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Re: Trouble connecting Bose wave SoundTouch with iPhone 11 Bluetooth

HI Minga Mintz,


Welcome! Thanks for posting! 


When connecting your iPhone, have you been following the steps shown HERE? If not, I would definitely recommend following these steps to make sure the iPhone is connected to the Wave correctly.


Also, when you are trying to connect your iPhone to your Wave, at what point during the connection process are you running into difficulty? Is the Wave showing in your phones Bluetooth list but not connecting, or does it not show in the Bluetooth list at all?


I look forward to hearing from you!



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