TuneIn is not an Internet Radio Replacement

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Re: TuneIn is not an Internet Radio Replacement

Hi all, 


I agree with all here, it is not possible to continue like that with TuneIn. 

Lot of stations desappear, and lot of them are so bad sound quality. 


French topic is here : https://community.bose.com/t5/Enceintes-SoundTouch/Derni%C3%A8res-nouvelles-informations-concernant-... look at page #19 


We try to find solution, as end user, to save are Bose system. 


Please BOSE / TUNEIN team, go to work and find a solution to have HD quality as default and send a new software update as soon as possible !!

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Re: TuneIn is not an Internet Radio Replacement

Fully agree. Also for Slovak Republic radios .. error 3102 ... and quality of streams is poor.

Please find any solution for fixing ...

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Re: TuneIn is not an Internet Radio Replacement

Hi Bose fans (enough to purchase the units at least)
I am, similar to many on this post, super duper disappointed too with the change and it's frustrating. Even some local west coast Vancouver stations are NOT included on the shorter list of Tune In stations that are available.
That is crazy!! The KISS FM stations are mainstream, and it must be a corporate decision-- not a Bose user decision to make this chenge. And as notes, it's an extra step to blue tooth the connection for off grid radio stations (international and local), versus the very handy 6button control on the sound touch larger units.
Can't deny I like the product , but this is making it HARDER and harder to continue to support.

Why not EXPAND, versus contract the options for internet radio? Hmm.. disappointing. Hopefully some new options or New Management decisions can help clear this up.
You're at risk of alienating your die-hard fans!
Please try to remedy this situation. ASAP

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Re: TuneIn is not an Internet Radio Replacement

Hi Joel
KiSS FM station in Vancouver BC is NOT supported.
Radio swiss classic-- was supported on internet radio ..is NOT supported on tune in either.
The other responses also note the drop in internet radio options. Please HELP.!
Thank you
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Re: TuneIn is not an Internet Radio Replacement

i wonder when the 3103 error and the delay problems are solved


@bose is it possible to bring back internet radio until the software issues are solved??


Re: TuneIn is not an Internet Radio Replacement

Hello CapitanoDD,


Thank you for all the posts.


I have passed your feedback along with everyone else's to development.


I do sincerely apologize about the frustration that this has caused to everyone.


If we do receive any updates, we'll let the community know as soon as possible.


Warm Regards,

Joel - Community Support



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Re: TuneIn is not an Internet Radio Replacement


Like most of us on here, I know these problems, and the prolonged silence, are not your fault. So if I get mad - and it’s close - it isn’t with you!

You say you have passed the many comments to development.  But to me, they need to go as directly as possible to a senior manager (ideally to a director).

Someone senior has made a big mistake, and may be genuinely unaware of how it is affecting people. When I worked for a big multinational, I saw this happen.

Is there any way we can help get this issue moved upstairs - or do we have to take the suggestion of vTuner’s CEO and email top executives directly?

Or start getting in touch with technology reviewers to get the story in the media? And of course ensure that the changeover and its negative effects are very visible in online reviews during the run up to Christmas?

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Re: TuneIn is not an Internet Radio Replacement


Like Clearcomms I know this is not your fault, and that because your the closest we get to a response from Bose you are the focus of peoples frustrations, so nothing personal it's just that as a company Bose has been very silent on this.


The community has been ask and provided stations that are not working, we have also been asked for features we would like, but there are a couple of very long threads relating to the Tunein downgrade, but nothing from Bose. Nothing in this community forum, local support are ignoring people issues, just silence. Is there something, anything from Bose on this issue, as myself and others have invested many $ in this equipment.

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Re: TuneIn is not an Internet Radio Replacement

I just checked the information on Amazon.co.uk about the SoundTouch 10. The Product Description included

Use it to explore millions of songs from music services like Spotify and Pandora, Internet radio stations and your stored music library and only with SoundTouch can you play any of that music instantly, without a phone or tablet.”. The technical term for this (I used to work in advertising!) is that it is “a lie”.

Pandora is long gone, and Spotify needs Bluetooth access from a phone or tablet.

Because Amazon let you call out wrong descriptions, I did just that (and included a mention of internet radio problems), but it will have more effect if others do it too.

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Re: TuneIn is not an Internet Radio Replacement

I am so unhappy with bose on their switch from internet radio to tune in . This is by no means a satifactory replacement. Our favorite internet stations are not available on tune in.What was the point of buying the expensive system we did ? Selling this system and buying the Sonos system is an option to explore. my advice to anyone considering bose sound system, DON'T DO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!