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Dec 5, 2016

TuneIn is now available for SoundTouch!

TuneIn internet radio streaming service has been added to the SoundTouch application for all global users as of the 19th of July with our latest release (version 15.x). 


Notable Facts:

  • With TuneIn on SoundTouch, you can effortlessly stream more than 100,000 radio stations and millions of podcasts from around the world for free. Check out live sports and all-new music stations hosted by today’s hottest tastemakers, or sit back and relax with great podcasts from every genre. Please note: TuneIn Premium content is not supported by SoundTouch at this time
  • TuneIn is built into the SoundTouch app, and the music service automatically appears in the main menu. You simply select the TuneIn icon to view available content
  • TuneIn on SoundTouch is a free service. Customers who currently have TuneIn accounts within the TuneIn mobile app or on will not be able to associate their accounts within the SoundTouch app
  • Customers who choose to listen to podcasts via TuneIn will have the ability to “scrub” the track
    • You can jump to an earlier or later point in the podcast by dragging the indicator on the track timeline
    • This feature is currently only available for podcasts streamed through TuneIn
  • Support for station down issues and stations requests can be referred to TuneIn directly
    • Customers who are reporting that a station is down should be referred to
    • Customers who would like to request that a station be added to TuneIn should be referred to