TuneIn radio stations delay

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TuneIn radio stations delay

The radio stations have a delay of exactly 15 mins. This is not acceptable (no communication, tunein instead of vtuner)... My soundtouch 30 is rendered obsolete in this manner. 

Nobody had problems until someone decided to pull the plug on vtuner. It's a mess, fix it!

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Re: VRT radio stations delay

Hi everyone,


Please read our updated sticky HERE regarding delays and quality issues from certain stations.


In response to customer feedback on stream quality using TuneIn on SoundTouch, we have launched an update to address delays in playback and improve the overall stream quality for thousands of stations. This update should now be live on your SoundTouch devices.

There will be no SoundTouch application or system updates required.

You may need to close and re-open the app and stream if you don't notice an improvement.


If you're still experiencing any issues with a delay or audio quality, let us know.


Best Regards,

Brandon - Community Support


Re: VRT radio stations delay

Having the same problems.

Without any communication my Bose system wasn't properly working.

After a software update the internet radio was replaced by Tune in.


Now all the Belgian VRT radio stations are working, but have a delay of 15 min.


I have 6 Bose speakers in house and I find this service unacceptable.


I request a proper solution to this problem, caused by a Bose decision which hasn't been properly analyzed before putting it in service.





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Re: VRT radio stations delay

The issues are there since Sunday evening Belgian time, see this.


Not only do we have a delay of 15 minutes on all VRT radio stations, but you cannot listen to RTBF anymore.

There is a dispute between RTBF and TuneIn.


I think the people of Bose do not grasp the impact this situation.

Here are the official radio market share numbers: https://www.cim.be/nl/radio/openbare-resultaten

For the Dutch speaking part, VRT has a daily reach of 62%. At the French speaking part, RTBF has a daily reach of 34%.

Without proper support of those networks, you defacto pull out of Belgium with your SoundTouch offering.

Belgium is a country of 11.5M people.


It should be easy to solve this issue: keep vtuner, add extra radio services like radio.net or mytuner, or allow us to add our own streaming urls.

The latter would be very nice in 'advanced settings', since we wouldn't depend on the quirks of those radio services.

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Re: VRT radio stations delay

Have the same issue.  15 minutes delay on the VRT radio stations. Unacceptable.

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Re: VRT radio stations delay

Same problem, 15min delay!!! Sonos for Christmas!!

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Re: VRT radio stations delay

Same issue! 15 min delayed radioprograms! Checked the website of Tunein where it works fine.

This is a ridiculous situation and not acceptable at all for high quliaty and expensive home audio system.

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Re: VRT radio stations delay

Same here. Strange when I listen the radio stations Joe or QMusic there isn't any delay.




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Re: VRT radio stations delay

@labwo wrote:

but you cannot listen to RTBF anymore.


At least a good news, La Premiere is available. You have to search for "1ere" (when the search function is working Smiley Wink )

This is the only one I was able to find in TuneIn. There is no "Classis 21", nor "Pure FM" (see below)...


Funnily enough, the yesterday update was trying to convert the favorite stations to TuneIn. The process did not find La Premiere but did find "Pure FM"...which is not working.

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Re: VRT radio stations delay

...what I miss is "Musiq3"...disappeared....!

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Re: VRT radio stations delay

question was raised towards VRT:

PLease see below theri answer:

Beste Brecht,

Bedankt voor uw belangstelling voor VRT.
Het klopt dat er momenteel sprake is van een vertraging van 15 min. bij de streaming. Wij kregen hierover reeds andere klachten en zijn op de hoogte van het probleem. Wij trachten dit dan ook zo snel mogelijk op te lossen. Wij hopen op uw begrip hiervoor. 
Wij hopen u hiermee van dienst te zijn geweest en wensen u nog veel luister- en kijkplezier met ons aanbod.
Met vriendelijke groeten,
Anabel Coremans
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Uw vraag: radio 1 delay op tunein
Beschrijving vraag: Sinds gisteren heeft Bose beslist om met tunein in zee te gaan. Ik ontvang radio 1 met 15 min vertraging. En wie licht het ? Aan jullie of tunein of bose ?