Tunein / Bose App for LG OLED TV

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Tunein / Bose App for LG OLED TV

There used to an app on my LG OLED TV so you can play music from the Bose App, No longer seeing it nor can I find a "Tunein" app searching the LG Store.  My Boise Surround 300 System works with my TV, can play stations from an app on my iPhone and iMac thru the system, after finding the new app for macOS Mojave 10.14.2  and downloading it to my computer, deleting the previous one before.  The "old" bose app for macOS saw that an updated was needed, but would crash upon updating and thus no update.


My Question:  Will there be an app in the LG Store to play music/stations directly from my TV like before?  

Bose should have done better, the reason I bought Bose and not Sonos, sound quality and I have Bose 501's speakers from 1971.


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Re: Tunein / Bose App for LG OLED TV

Hi Reggie,


Thanks for writing in!


The Bose SoundTouch app is available on Mac/PC as well as Android and iOS.  The Bose Music app for the new Smart Home line of speakers are only available on Android and iOS devices.  


Regarding the app on the Mac, I'd recommend uninstalling and then installing it directly from the Bose site vs the Apple App store.  HERE is a link to the download page.  


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Tony A - Community Support