Tunin service unavailable

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Tunin service unavailable

Hi there,


over a year now I have a Soundtouch 20 and this has been working out fine until yesterday (Saturday).

When I woke up and tried to select a station using the presets I got the message to use the app to select a preset or station.

However presets are all empty and the app also doesn't list the services as per screenshots below.

All of a sudden I'm unable to stream any internet radio as it seems the TuneIn service completely disappeared....


I've already tried:


uninstalling and reinstalling the app

Resetting my modem

A factory reset of the Soundtouch


Tunein.com is perfectly reachable through a browser but somehow I'm unable to use it through Bose.


Can anyone help please as the product currently is pretty much useless Smiley Sad



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Re: Tunin service unavailable

Hi Bose support,


any help on this one please? 3 days I'm now unable to use the device, appreciate some help!


Re: Tunin service unavailable

Hello Routier10,


Thanks for reaching out to the community. We appreciate the additional details. We definitely want to try and help. 


Another step we can try is to log out of the current SoundTouch account and create another one. 


Would you able to try this and see if that helps? 


Please let us know.



Thanks again,



Mohsin - Community Support


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Re: Tunin service unavailable

Hi Mohsin,


thanks this solved the issue!


Re: Tunin service unavailable

Hi Routier10,


Thanks for updating us! That's great news!


Come back and post anytime.




Tony G