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Sep 9, 2016

Unable to add the system to your SoundTouch™ account

I had recently bought a Soundtouch 10.

I manage to connect my ST10 to the wifi (router) without a problem, and they are visible in my system. However, when it comes to setting it up, an error appear: "Unable to add the system to your SoundTouch™ account". I had read through most of your community comments, and i found that quite a number of user have some problem.
I had read through all the solutions that you had provided to your customer, however, there is no clear cut solution (the solution all end up to the "contact us"). 

-solution provided include, Reset ST10, DNS, Firewall, upnp, multicast, etc.....
None is working. This is so frustrating. 

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Sep 11, 2014

Re: Unable to add the system to your SoundTouch™ account

This last step in the setup is trying to contact our servers online to register your SoundTouch account and store your system's configuration. This message is an indicator that the speaker cannot reach our servers online.

Can you let us know what Internet Service Provider you use to connect your internet in the home? Please also provide the Brand and Model # of the router you use so that we can investigate further.  Thank you.