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Aug 5, 2020

Unable to connect bass module 500 to soundbar 500

I bought a bass module 500 recently. I already have a soundbar 500. I am unable to pair the bass module with the soundbar. I followed all the steps mentioned,the bass module keeps blinking amber but I am not able to find the bass module in the board music app. Kindly let me know whether there is another way to pair the bass module.



Re: Unable to connect bass module 500 to soundbar 500

Hi Revathy,


Welcome to the community, sorry that you are experiencing issues in connecting your Bass Module 500 to your Soundbar 500. 


I will happily do what I can to help. Let's begin by disconnecting your bass module from power for 5 minutes, this will allow the module to reset. 😊


It is good that we are getting a blinking amber LED, this would indicate that your module is attempting to make a connection. When you are searching the Bose Music app for your bass module, do you get any error messages at all? 


Alternatively, you can connect your bass module to your soundbar by a 3.5mm - 3.5mm cable. It would be worth giving this a try so we can ensure the bass module is working.


Do let us know how you get on.





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