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Nov 16, 2017

Unable to launch Spotify from Soundtouch app

Hi, I have the Lifestyle Soundtouch 535. Was able to launch internet radio from the Soundtouch app on iPhone 7, IOS11.11. However, unable to launch Spotify within the app. It seems to take forever to launch and finally a message appears on the TV stating that “the Soundtouch adapter has been removed from the USB. Please reattach it as shown below”.

However the adapter is already attached. Disconnecting and reconnecting does solve the problem but I can’t be doing that everytime I launch Spotify within the Soundtouch app.

Am able to connect to the LS 535 from the Spotify app and upon going back to the Soundtouch app, I was then able to control Spotify.

Pls advice. Thks.
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May 16, 2016

Re: Unable to launch Spotify from Soundtouch app

Hi Mikejazzlee, 


I'm sorry to hear that. Curiously, it sounds like you're experiencing the same issue that users are reporting on the thread HERE. If so, our software team is actively investigating a fix for this. When we have a timeline for it, we will let the community know. 


Kind Regards