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Sep 11, 2014

Updated: FLAC Files Not Playing for Some Users

Update 2/25/16:
A method for identifying and replacing ID3 tags has been posted HERE.  
Update 2/11/16:
With the assistance of members of this community we've been able to identify a couple of issues with FLAC files for some users.  

  • Some of the files provided to us by users contained ID3 format tag information. Currently ID3 tags for FLAC are NOT supported.  

You may be able to strip the tags of a file all together to determine if this issue is the cause of their files not playing.  
If the tags are the cause, users are recommended to update these tags to a FLAC format and these files should then be recognized by the SoundTouch application.
Additional testing will need to be done on our end to determine a recommended software application to do this successfully.  If anyone in the community here is willing to attempt this with their own files please let us know which program you were able to use.  

A long term solution to this problem is being investigated for a future update.

  • Other files provided to us were converted into a WAV MIME type FLAC format.  These files were confirmed to not be recognized by the SoundTouch app and this will be corrected in the next update.

Thank you for the help from the community on this issue.  Please let us know if you have additional information or feedback that may be helpful to us and other SoundTouch owners. 

Update 1/20/16:  
Thank you to the multiple users who sent us details of the FLAC files that are not playable.  We now have enough information and are currently investigating the issue.  No additional files or log reports are needed at this time. 
More information will be shared here soon.  
Hi All,

We have seen some reports of users having trouble playing FLAC files from their music libraries after the latest update. Since this was a new feature included in that update, we want to gather more information to understand where and how these failures occur. To this end we would like to collect log files and sample FLAC files from a number users who are experiencing this type of trouble.
Any comments not related to this specific issue should be created as a new post to the forum and not in this thread.
We encourage affected users to email us with a brief description of the issue at **************** With "FLAC" in the subject line.  We will provide more details and steps for collecting the needed files from there.
We also ask that users monitor this post for any news or updates regarding the issue.

Thank you.

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Sep 2, 2014

Re: Updated: FLAC Files Not Playing for Some Users

Bumping post for new update.  
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Oct 1, 2014

Re: Updated: FLAC Files Not Playing for Some Users

Can you recommend and easy way to check the type of tags in the FLAC file?
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Feb 11, 2016

Re: Updated: FLAC Files Not Playing for Some Users

Hi George.  What exactly is a FLAC supported tag (given that ID3 seem to be the most universally used and supported).  To suggest that as a fix to play FLAC files we remove all tags is just plain crazy - how then do we search by artist, track name or album name (which are the ONLY options in the SoundTouch app).  I do enjoy the sound from my ST20 but its whole infrastructure for playing your own stored music library is abysmal.  I have a much cheaper PURE Evoke F4 Radio and it is simple to use for browsing, searching and playing all my music (including those pesky troublesome FLAC files with ID3 tags!)
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May 21, 2016

Re: Updated: FLAC Files Not Playing for Some Users

Hello everyone !, well I tell them that I finally managed to play my flac files by synchronizing music library.
Try several times by configuring firewall, checking the names of ID3 tag and apparently was not the solution.
I've always disabled the automatic update of Windows Update, I do not know if there is any update for Windows Media Player in Winoows 8.1, but playback was not possible .flac files in Windows Media Player without installing the codecs K- Lite.
However, I noticed that the player Windows Media Player in Windows 10 if you can play .flac files without any kind of codecs, so I decided to migrate my PC to test whether the problem solved ... bingo!
After removing my music library in Sountouch App on my PC, I went back to create a playlist on the player new native Windows 10 and I can finally listen to the files from my PC directly to my Sountouch 20 !!
I hope they serve, perhaps not need to migrate to Windows 10 and only have to update the player windows media player ...
Version WMP in Windows10:
Migrated Image
Sountouch music server:
Migrated Image
.flac files in Sountouch 20!!
Migrated Image
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Oct 29, 2016

Re: Updated: FLAC Files Not Playing for Some Users

The FLAC files are still not supported. I tested almost all possible FLAC formats - I tested FLAC files which were encoded using the recommended configuration (16 bit / 44.1 KHz, as described in this article in the Knowledge Center:!/feedtype=SINGLE_ARTICLE_DETAIL&id=kA0400000004NRKCA2) and I also tested FLAC files which were encoded using among others the following other configurations: 

  • 8 bit / 44.1 KHz
  • 24 bit / 44.1 KHz
  • 16 bit / 22 KHz
  • 16 bit / 42 KHz
  • 16 bit / 48 KHz
  • 24 bit / 48 KHz

The SoundTouch 10 Series III speaker with the latest software updates could not read any of the above-mentioned files. 
I used the application MediaMonkey Version (latest version) to encode the FLAC files from a CD. It encoded the FLAC files using only the FLAC tags - I checked it using the application recommended by you. 
I am very disappointed about the lack of support for the FLAC files in the SoundTouch 10 Series III speaker.
I am especially disappointed due to the fact that Bose lies in the specifiactions of the SoundTouch speakers regarding the support of the FLAC files (as described in this article in the Knowledge Center:!/feedtype=SINGLE_ARTICLE_DETAIL&id=kA0400000004NRKCA2). In my opinion Bose should write in the specifications that the SoundTouch speakers do not support the FLAC format (or at least delete the false information about the support of FLAC files) and not waste the time of the users by proposing some solutions to this lack of support which do not work.
It was the first speaker bought by me, because I wanted to test how it works before I buy a bigger SoundTouch speaker from Bose. I hope that you will add the support for the FLAC files to the SoundTouch devices.