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Updated: SoundTouch Ecosystem Update Available November 28th.


The SoundTouch 17.x ecosystem update is expected to begin on the 28th of November, 2017.  The release will be handled in four stages and will include the following updates:


  • Support for the Bose Alexa Skill
  • Wired Input Broadcast
  • Amazon Music Search
  • Numerous bug fixes


 Release Timeline:

This release will happen in four phases:
  1. 11/28
  2. 11/30
  3. 12/4
  4. 12/7
Note that the Alexa skill is expected to be available on 12/5.




  • App: v17.170.81
  • Interface: v17.170.81
  • Protocol: 59
  • Available: 28 Nov



  • App: v17.170.81
  • Interface: v17.170.81
  • Protocol: 59
  • Available: 28 Nov



  • App: v17.170.80
  • Interface: v17.170.81
  • Protocol: 59
  • Available: 28 Nov



  • Firmware: v17.0.8
  • Available: 28 Nov




Bose Alexa Skill compatibility


The Bose Alexa skill will be available to Alexa users that have Alexa enabled products set to U.S. English only.  


Moderator note 12/6:  We wanted to apologize for not communicating the Alexa skill availability.  The skill is, in fact, only available in the U.S., and requires users in the U.S. to have their devices set to U.S. English.


Alexa skill will be compatible with all SoundTouch systems, so current SoundTouch owners can enjoy this feature with a free software update.


By speaking to an Amazon Echo, Dot, or Tap with the Skill, SoundTouch users can:


  • Play their favorite music from SoundTouch Presets
  • Play a Preset in a specific room
  • Play/pause/resume and skip tracks
  • Adjust volume
  • Play the same music everywhere
  • Find out what’s playing
  • Turn on/off


List of Alexa commands: 


  • Alexa, ask Bose to turn on (or off)
  • Alexa, ask Bose to turn up (or down) the volume
  • Alexa, ask Bose to set volume to 8 [or any level from 1 through 10]
  • Alexa, ask Bose to mute (or unmute)
  • Alexa, ask Bose to play (or pause, skip forward, skip backward)
  • Alexa, ask Bose to play preset 1 (or any other stored preset)
  • Alexa, ask Bose what's playing
  • Alexa, ask Bose to list my presets
  • Alexa, ask Bose to play all
  • Alexa, ask Bose to turn all off
  • Alexa, ask Bose about [system name]
  • Alexa, ask Bose to list systems


Note: As an alternative to saying "Alexa," you can use these wake words: Amazon, Echo, Computer*, or a custom name* (*must be enabled in the Amazon Alexa app) 


Wired Input Broadcast  – Full Release


Rebroadcasting to 2-3 total speakers is already available in the 16.0.x Wired Input Broadcast beta. The feature improvement with the 17.x release allows users to have the same group performance for rebroadcasting Aux or wired sources as they have for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth sources.


Amazon Music Search


Amazon Music on SoundTouch will include a search feature. Customers using Prime Music or Amazon Music Unlimited can search by album, song, artist, playlist or station. Amazon will add more search queries, like composer later.


Bug Fixes:


  • Minimum Volume When Powering On
    • Fixes an issue with 16.0.x which caused SoundTouch 10 to power on at a significantly higher volume than it was previously set.
  • Unresponsive SoundTouch Remote
    • Fixes an issue where the SoundTouch Stereo JC (series I and II) remote was unresponsive during the ADAPTIQ setup.
  • SoundTouch wireless adapter USB Disconnect
    • Resolves an intermittent issue causing Lifestyle and VideoWave systems using SoundTouch wireless adapters (series I and II) to present an error message falsely reporting that the adapter’s USB connection has become disconnected.
  • AirPlay Audio Sync
    • Addresses an issue causing AirPlay-enabled SoundTouch products to be out of sync with non-Bose AirPlay-enabled products.
  • Audio Dropouts In Left/Right Pair
    • Addresses issues where customers using SoundTouch 10 experience audio dropouts in left/right pair when streaming Bluetooth.