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Dec 6, 2018

Updates: useful vs. time wasters?

    In my 3.5 years of experience with the Bose ST 20, of the numerous updates i have endured, only one included anything that was worthwhile to me: the clock. (I also like the Bluetooth function on the newer units, but i do not consider that an "update"). In all other "updates", I have seen no improvement in the problematic functioning of the SoundTouch (no exaggeration intended).  Other than the clock, the updates have mostly caused me to have to spend more time trying to get the thing to work after the update, whereas on at least a few occasions it was working fine prior to the dreaded update.  It is curious to me, given that comments or complaints about the dysfunctional software/firmware of the ST's are not uncommon, that Bose does not seem interested in doing anything to actually improve the reliability of their software and firmware.  To use the ST usually means having to open and close the 'app'/program 2 or 3 times and/or otherwise fiddling with it to get it to the point of "finding" the speaker and actually playing the music i want to hear.  I don't want more digital bells and whistles and gadgets, and i sure don't like having to spend more time trying to be a 'tech' person when i bought the ST expecting that i could just listen to my music with it.  I bought the ST 20 from a Bose outlet store, because a sales rep at Best Buy had recommended it, to have music in my art studio i was then building after i retired.  Neither the guy at Best Buy or the Bose salesman told me i would have to deal with a problematic "update" every 90 days or so, from which i would neither see nor hear any improvement in my experience, but would have to spend my time trying to resolve the problem(s) caused by the update, rather than doing what i want to do and listen to my music. (I am spending time writing this, rather than working in my studio, and i hope my comments are well taken).  And I do appreciate that Bose has the agreement with Apple which allows me to use my iTunes music, which i have the content and arrangement to my liking.  I only want to listen to 'my' music, which i have on iTunes - I don't want to listen to music from some service, for a montly fee, or to any radio, so those features added on some 'updates' are not of benefit to me.  


    Currently the 'app'/program on my computers, when i open it, has a mandatory "update" which appeared in early December or late November, 2018.  On clicking on the "Update" button, instead of doing an update, it goes to the SoundTouch page as if i were installing a ST for the first time.  I don't want to re-install 3 ST's, when i have had to do that numerous times anyway, sometimes due to other 'updates' and sometimes just because they won't work otherwise, without re-installing.  I have not taken the time to call Bose Support about this latest problme, because i am just really tired of spending time, literally around 25 - 30 hours at least in 3.5 years, just dealing with the problems of the dysfunctional ST's, so i have been.  Instead, i am operating the ST's from my phone, still with often having to close and re-open the 'app' to get it to work.   Yes, they are great, wonderful even, when they work, - in conjunction with iTunes.  But it would really be nice if Bose would show enough appreciation of their customers to just get the ST's to work dependably, then leave the customer alone.  I just don't not appreciate buying something to use and then being bothered by frequent mandatory, not optional, so-called 'updates', then having to waste more precious time playing "tech person" just to get the unit playing again. 


NOTE:  one thing that may slightly 'excuse' Bose's practice of holding their customers hostage to their mostly useless 'updates' is that, in case you hadn't noticed, this is now the common practice of the so-called "Tech" industry, including Microsoft and Apple: constantly/frequently bothering the customer with unwanted 'update's which are mostly about more digital trinkets than about anything working better or a really practical feature.  Its like they're trying to outdo the other company in who can come up with more silly, juvenile things to intice those customers who want to always have the latest digital bell or whistle.  To me, it is like they are holding us hostage, to force their unwanted, problematic updates on us. You can't go forward and use your speaker unless you comply to your "masters" and do the update.  Maybe its because i am a septuagenarian and not 20 or 30 or 40 something, but I would just like to play my music and not be bothered by those 'tech' creators of new things just for marketing reasons.  And I don't think that sentiment or view is being unreasonable.