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Aug 29, 2018

Using Alexa to play presets on SoundTouch 20

Hi everyone,


I'm based in Australia and have my SoundTouch 20 hooked up to Alexa. It seems to be working pretty well playing music from Deezer however I can't seem to use Alexa to switch to any of my presets. I have renamed my SoundTouch speaker which made Alexa work pretty much flawlessly except for using presets. Has anyone had any luck? Release notes seem to suggest it's possible - is this maybe a regional issue for Australia?

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Mar 15, 2018

Re: Using Alexa to play presets on SoundTouch 20

Hi Zed


Thanks for joining the community!  


The preset selection is only apart of the Bose SoundTouch Control skill which is only available in the US.  In order to change presets on the speaker, you would need to use the SoundTouch app, buttons on the speaker, or the included controller.  


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Tony A - Community Support